Carpet Cleaning

J&L Davies Minutemaids, Inc, has offered carpet cleaning to our customers since 1995. We use a steam extraction method and have chemicals designed to treat even the toughest stains. Because we have both van mounted and portable cleaning units, we can reach carpet or upholstery just about anywhere in your home or business.

Carpet cleaning fees are based on the amount of square feet cleaned, whether the rooms cleaned have furniture or are empty, and the distance traveled. Discounts are available for larger areas.

Upholstery prices vary depending on the size of the furniture piece being cleaned and range from $5 to $120.

J&L Davies Minutemaids, Inc. offers fabric protectant for carpets and furniture with Teflon by Dupont. Carpet prices for protectant are based on the square feet covered and upholstery protection fees are based on the linear feet of the piece, ranging from $3 to $60.

Tile Floor Maintenance

Because not everyone has carpeted floors, we also offer maintenance for tile floors. Our crews can remove wax and buildup, taking your floor down to its barest form and then rebuilding it again with new coats of wax. we use a multi-step process, which includes neutralizing the surface before new wax is applied. In addition, we can burnish and buff floors to rejuvenate dull, scratched, or tired looking surfaces.

Charge for tile floor maintenance is based on the amount of square feet and the type of cleaning provided. A discounted rate applies for larger areas.

Commercial Cleaning

J&L Davies Minutemaids, Inc. has experience in cleaning a variety of businesses, including medical facilities, business offices, and manufacturing facilities. in addition to carpet, upholstery, and tile care, our commercial division offers regular services such as: cleaning and sanitizing counter tops, break rooms, and bathrooms; dusting desks; cleaning computer screens, cabinets, and dishes; dumping all trash and relining containers; removing cobwebs; washing window and door glass; vacuuming and mopping floors; and other cleaning that may be specific to your business, building, or industry.

Fees are based on the number of hours it takes to perform the cleaning tasks required at each specific location, as well as the frequency of cleaning at your facility/business. Window cleaning costs are based on the number and size of windows, in addition to the frequency cleaning is desired.

Other Services


We offer cleaning after construction for both residential and commercial customers. Prices vary based upon the type of construction cleaning necessary, the amount of the area to be cleaned, and the number of hours it will take to complete the needed cleaning. We have experience in all degrees of residential remodeling and construction clean up, as well as remodeling and construction projects for retail facilities.


J&L Davies Minutemaids, Inc. provides 24-hour emergency water extraction, most often caused by burst pipes, over-flowed toilets, broken faucets, and flood or snow damage. Cleanup and drying fans/humidifiers are also available for overnight rental. Prices vary depending on services provided. For emergency service, call us at 812-498-0762.


We do carpets and upholstery in recreational vehicles, campers, trailers, motor coaches, autos, and vans. You can bring the vehicle to us for a reduced rate or we can come to your location for just a little bit more. Discounts available for multiple autos cleaned at one location; so, it pays to schedule your neighbors, family, and friends all at the same time.